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Teri Bourget


teri_b.jpgMy name is Teri Bourget.  I have been a chiropractic patient for over 30 years due to having a "negative" cervical spinal curve.  Originally from California, I saw my first chiropractor and since moving to Connecticut in 1987, I have seen several others, off and on, over the years.  I had been off of chiropractic care and in 2011, my “initiation” with fibromyalgia began.  It started with various, unrelated medical issues strung out over the course of five years from Meniere’s-like symptoms, followed by TMD, carpal tunnel and tennis elbow pain, unrelenting back pain, migraines and then finally my entire body would be in pain, in different intensities, different times of the day, from day to day; I had no energy, I felt as if I had the flu all of the time and I went into depression, isolated myself, rarely left the house and my bedroom became my haven and cocoon.  (I am normally a very active and outgoing person.)

Before seeing Dr. Roth, I had gone the typical route of seeing one medical specialist after another, who would not be able to diagnose me, but instead, would write out a prescription for medication.  Between pain relievers, muscle relaxers, migraine, anti-depressants, anti-anxiety and a variety of fibromyalgia medications with all of their side body became chemically toxic and I was miserable.  I literally felt like a zombie. It was horrible.  When the neck pain and migraines worsened, I decided to see Dr. Roth, who has a very good reputation as a highly skilled chiropractor and for being the best chiropractor in the state in Connecticut!  Patients come from out of state to be treated by him.  The fact that he is very handsome is just a bonus!  LoL

I think that I am one of Dr. Roth's most "difficult" patients because with fibromyalgia, I am always in some sort of pain, so I always have something to whine about whenever I go to see him.  I have always been amazed with Dr. Roth's intuitiveness with his hands and being able to point out exactly where my “pain of the day” would be, without me even having to point it out!   I have been under Dr. Roth's “pharmaceutical-free” treatment since 2015, starting out at 3 days per week for 3 months; and now I see him once per week.  With Dr. Roth's successful treatments of correcting several of my subluxations, I rarely have migraines, dizziness or TMJ pain and the carpal tunnel & tennis elbow pain has subsided substantially.  

For other patients with fibromyalgia, if you do not already know this, it “takes a village” to treat fibromyalgia and Dr. Roth is definitely the chiropractor that you want in your "your village".  Stress triggers and worsens fibromyalgia flare-ups and for the first few years, I was constantly stressed out, frustrated, worried and confused about the symptoms that no other doctor could clearly diagnose or treat (I thought that I was losing my mind!)-so, I was in the worst pain ever.  But since "accepting" that I have this chronic illness, I have also accepted that I had to make life-changing adjustments to my lifestyle, know my physical limitations, learn how to pace myself and to perform daily household tasks ergonomically (or not do them at all! LoL) In addition to the “good hands” of Dr. Roth, being weaned off medications, taking herbs and supplements, the rest of “my village” includes a physical therapist, therapeutic yoga classes and a psychotherapist (to deal with the impact fibromyalgia has made on my life).

I am finally starting to feel like myself again after five very long years.  I own a dance company and I am dancer, performing and teaching artist. I obviously had to retire from dancing, however, I have other dancers who perform for the company.  Now I am inspired to pursue certification as a yoga instructor so that I can teach therapeutic yoga to others with chronic pain; which is the perfect career adjustment for me.  Dr. Roth had told me in the beginning, that I will eventually have my energy, drive and determination back, and he was right!

 -Teri B.