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Sophia S.

Ear Infections, Digestion Problems

sophia_staroselsky.jpgIn May of 2015, my 3 year old daughter Sophia fell and broke her clavicle. She was put into a sling for 6 weeks and the bone healed well; we never thought this injury could instigate other issues for her. However, a few months later she started having digestion issues, mostly problems with dairy. This wasn’t a huge shock for us considering I had the same issues as a child. Once winter came she had ear infection after ear infection, basically once a month for 4 months. Her hearing was declining and she wasn’t passing her hearing tests. We were referred to an ENT by the audiologist and as soon as she looked at Sophia, she started talking about putting tubes in her ears. I knew a little bit about this procedure and didn’t feel it was the right choice. The same day we visited the ENT I was telling a coworker about my worries about the tubes and she suggested seeing a chiropractor. She had a similar experience with her son and was working for a chiropractor at the same time. Her son started getting adjustments and his ear infections stopped. She recommended Dr. Roth and the moment we walked into his office, my motherly instinct told me we had made the right choice! After about a month of getting adjustments twice a week I noticed a huge difference in her hearing and with her digestion issues. She no longer takes lactaid tablets and I don’t have to stand right in front of her so she can hear me. Her hearing was so poor she needed me to turn the volume way up in the car so she could hear the music and the same for when she watched T.V. Now she can hear at a much more reasonable volume. Everyone in this office is so pleasant and professional. I always tell everyone about the wonderful experience we have had here and would recommend Dr. Roth in a heartbeat.

Sophia S.