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Dr. Justin Roth

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Sarah M.


Low Back Pain, Knee and Foot Pain, Fatigue

On July 29, 2009, I had my first visit to Dr. Roth.  At the time of my first visit, I was suffering from extreme lower back, knee and foot pain which was keeping me from performing simple, everyday tasks.  I was very tired and lifeless and all I could concentrate on was the throbbing pain.  A relative of mine was (and still is) a patient of Dr. Roth’s.  I had some knowledge of chiropractic care, and honestly the thought of having my neck and back “twisted and turned” caused me tremendous anxiety.  Yet I reached a point where the pain outweighed my fears and I made the call. 

My first appointment was nothing like I expected.  I was so nervous about getting adjusted and having my neck “snapped” at my first visit; but that’s not what happened.  Dr. Roth sat with me for some time to talk about my issues and in simple terms he explained to me what chiropractic care involved and how it could help me.  There was no cracking or snapping, just talking.  I had x-rays taken and the following visit, Dr. Roth showed me the x-rays while he explained where my troubles existed on my spine and why I was feeling so terribly.  I then had my first adjustment.  To tell the truth it was scary and awkward, yet within a few visits, I started feeling better, so I dealt with my apprehensions.  My energy was coming back and I was able to sleep without waking up in excruciating pain.  Within a month I felt like a new person and started doing the things I loved to do that I couldn’t once before, to name a few: walk my dogs, mow the lawn, go for a hike and attend kick boxing classes. 

I am very grateful for Dr. Roth.  He always takes the time to listen and you will never feel rushed no matter how busy he is.  He believes strongly in his work and it is obvious how passionate he is about the well being of his patients.  He is a kind and caring doctor and I highly recommend him and the practice to everyone. 

Sarah M.

May 2010