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Dr. Justin Roth

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Rose Fox


Chronic Neck Pain

Chiropractic care is not new to me. I have experienced neck pain for 25 years and have participated in physical therapy, massage therapy, botox treatment and standard chiropractic intervention. Last year my caring massage therapist recommended Dr. Justin Roth to me because she knew that most of my trigger spots and ailments always seemed to be located in my upper cervical neck area of my body.  She knew that was  Dr. Roth's specialty. I never heard of a chiropractor who specialized in upper cervical care so I thought I would give it a try.

Initially Dr. Roth scheduled a consultation to help me understand why his treatment differed from other chiropractic treatments. Dr. Roth was very personable, thorough, and very informative. When I agreed to begin treatment,the first step was to order a set of x-rays. When Dr. Roth received  the revi the results of the cervical neck  x-rays, he reviewed them with me .  It was the very first time I really understood what was causing my pain all these years. Finally!!!  Dr. Roth then he knew he could do with his adjustment.and started a realistic plan of attack.  Dr. Roth's adjustments differ from the other chiropractor's adjustments. Even though  his specialty is upper cervical,  he also helped issues when my lower back or middle back or anything else that seems to be out of alignment. Dr. Roth really listens to me and I always feel better physically when I leave the office and optimistic about our program. Dr. Roth has helped determine which of my at home exercises are appropriate or helpful for my progress and which exercises I should delete. He has added a few new ones to help develop some weak muscles. Occasionally, I attended some small group sessions that he has offered and I watched some videos that are available at the office that provide additional information for wellness.

After 6 months Dr. Roth ordered another set of x-rays to determine if there was any progress and indeed there was a remarkable progresss. .I knew it would be better because my muscles feel better, my posture is better. I can sit straighter and walk with my head taller without feeling pain. I have less triggers when I visit the massage therapists.  My chest x-rays have given us additional information that we didn't have 6 months ago so I look forward to working with Dr. Roth in continuing to improve and maintain a healthier life and spinal cord.

Rose F.