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Robert R.


Epileptic Seizures

My name is Robert R. I have a history of epilepsy (seizures). I have had this disease since I was 6 years old. Each time I had a seizure the intensity would change randomly, ranging from fully convulsive to non-convulsive. I had them frequently enough that it obstructed me living my life. The prescriptions that my neurologists and other doctors told me would fix my problem only increased the chemical imbalance in my brain. This resulted in more negative side effects which caused more problems.

That was my story until I was referred to Dr. Roth and Dr. Aresco at the Kensington Naturopathic Medical Center. After seeing Dr. Roth for only a few months the status of my situation was completely changed. I now have one seizure every 3 months or so and my status continues to improve.

-Robert R., age 35