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Paul D.


Headaches, Dizziness, Fatigue


I’ve been suffering from chronic headaches, sporadic dizziness and a general feeling of being “off” for over a year now. It was affecting my general mood and patience level for a long time. Having a stressful office job, and then coming home to my young boys and another on the way, I needed to do something to get myself back on track so that I would feel good enough to keep up with my busy schedule. I had been seeing my regular chiropractor every 3 weeks as well as getting regular massages, and the adjustments were just not helping me get back to feeling even close to 100%.

My massage therapist referred me to Dr. Justin Roth, an Upper Cervical Specialist Chiropractor, one of the few in the state of CT. Before treating me, Dr. Roth ordered special cervical x-rays of my upper neck that specifically showed my C1 and C2 vertebrae. They turned out to be completely out of alignment. My head was even tilted toward one side as I was overcompensating for the misalignment. No wonder I felt “off”. I found myself looking at the x-rays in a panic mode which only made things worse. Being out of alignment already gave me feelings of anxiety, and then seeing how bad my neck actually was on an x-ray further increased my fears that this was a serious problem.

Before adjusting me, Dr. Roth carefully reviewed the x-rays and nerve scans to see what he was actually dealing with, and then he was able to do an adjustment. During the next two days I definitely felt relief. I believe it took only a total of 3 adjustments within a one week span and I was back to normal – a condition that I wasn’t sure that I would ever feel again. It’s amazing how you forget what feeling good can feel like.

I went back to see Dr. Roth after the third adjustment and I could easily see the new scan showed that my vertebrae was back in alignment. It was then that Dr. Roth told me that my body was on its’ way to healing itself now that my neck was back in alignment. Once my spine was no longer pressing on my nerves, I was able to finally relax & get used to feeling like “Me” again. During the entire process, I can recall the level of transparency that I experienced with Dr. Roth. Not only were the scans right in front of me so I could see my progression, but he immediately stated up front that he felt very confident that he could fix me. We left each other on the last visit and I questioned what was next. He said continue to do what I was doing, seeing my regular chiropractor and getting massages – and if needed to come back then we could go from there. That was such an honest conversation and I walked out of there feeling the best that I have in over a year.

Before coming to Dr. Roth I was unaware of the specialty of cervical adjustment and how important it is for certain injuries. I had been under the care of my other chiropractor for over ten years and had never heard of an upper cervical chiropractor. While it was a pleasure meeting Dr. Roth and experiencing the healing process, I hope that our paths cross someday under more pleasant circumstances, but it is with overwhelming comfort that I know he is there for me should my conditions return and I need future care.

-Paul D.