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Mike B.


Chronic Neck and Low Back Pain

When I initially came to see Dr. Justin Roth I was unsure exactly what Upper Cervical Subluxation was and how it was affecting my quality of life.  All I did know is that I have had erratic neck pain and continuous lower back pain for the better part of a decade.  The pain started when I was in The United States Marine Corps from all the heavy equipment and had continually became worse over time with the other careers I had taken, all of which make you susceptible to injuries and muscle strain.  I had also seen several doctors in the past who said that there was nothing wrong with my back and that it was muscle strain, which they attempted to treat by narcotics and rest.

Upon seeing Dr. Roth he explained that my two upper vertebrae had become misaligned and locked together.  When he explained this I realized when I went back and looked in my self in old pictures that my neck was contorted at an angle.  Dr. Roth also explained that due to this misalignment the rest of my back had become misaligned.

It didn’t take very long for the pain in my neck to subside and my posture to straighten out.  It has made a world of difference, especially since I am able to carry twenty pounds of police gear around my waist pain free for the first time since 2000.  I owe a lot to Dr. Roth for helping me out. 

Mike B.