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Mary S.


Chronic Migraine Headaches

For the majority of my life I've had problems with headaches.  I used to get migraines that would leave me incapacitated.  When I was exposed to light, intense sound, or a strong smell it would cause even more pain.  When I would get one of these headaches, I would have to rest in a completely dark, quiet room. Although they would most often come out of the blue and interfere with my everyday life, a change in air pressure would almost assuredly trigger a headache.  When it would rain, I could anticipate that I would need Motrin or Tylenol (sometimes both) and would take them ahead of time to lessen the blow.

My mother and sister began chiropractic treatment long before I did and highly recommended I see Dr. Justin Roth for my problem.  I was a little scared at first but that went away quickly. 

I am happy to report that since I began seeing a chiropractor my headaches have been very infrequent.  I can tolerate fluctuations of air pressure and other environmental triggers more than ever before.  With less headaches, I don't take as many pills - which I'm sure is a relief to my body and I will be very thankful for this in the future.  As an added bonus, chiropractic has improved my posture (which was awful) and that really adds to one's self confidence :).

I would whole-heartedly recommend chiropractic to anyone, even those not showing symptoms.  The logic behind preventative chiropractic cannot be argued with; it doesn't make sense to see doctors to treat symptoms when you can address the cause through chiropractic care.  Thank you so much to Dr. Roth.


Mary S.

Date: 1/17/2011