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Martha S.


Hypoglycemia, Chronic Neck Pain


My 16-year-old daughter saw Dr. Roth for headaches, vision problems, and hearing problems in the spring of 2010.  They were all relieved with just chiropractic.  The amazing thing was that the swelling of her face and extremities which had plagued her since middle school also disappeared.

I myself had had some unnerving popping in my neck for four years, so I thought I would give chiropractic a try.  After my first adjustment, my popping went away.  Over the next two to three weeks, the chronic tension in my right neck slowly began to fade away.  I also noticed that turning my head to the side while driving became easier.  I had viewed these latter two things as a permanent and progressive part of aging; not a problem or something that needed to, (or could,) be fixed.

Lastly, I had had some trouble with my blood sugar getting low in the mornings if I did not eat sufficient breakfast.  This seems to be improving.

To sum it all up, not only did the adjustments eliminate the problems which caused my daughter and I to seek initial treatment, but they also cured other ailments that we did not expect could be cured!  I believe that chiropractic should become a regular part of preventative health care just as dental cleanings, mammograms, etc.  Hopefully, this will happen and more people will be able to enjoy better health.


Martha S.