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Mark R.


Lower Back Pain

I first heard about chiropractic care while talking to a friend of mine. He had been experiencing some lower back pain over the course of several years. He finally gave chiropractic care a try and it helped him feel pain free. I had recently begun feeling some lower back pain myself and wanted to do something about it. After speaking with my friend I decided to give it a try.

 My lower back pain began slowly and was fairly mild. Over time the pain became more frequent and the intensity of the pain grew to intolerable levels. For example, during softball games I used to be able to stand all game and run around care free. Recently, I found myself having to sit on the bench and limit myself in order to make sure my back did not start hurting. My breaking point was during a concert that I was attending.  I had to keep sitting down and was unable to dance due to the severe pain. After that night I knew enough was enough and I needed to see a chiropractor. I asked my friend what doctor and office he used for his care.  By the next week, I was in the office beginning the healing process.

Since the beginning of treatment, I have noticed a significant reduction in my lower back pain. I no longer have to rest on the bench during softball games. There is less of a concern of waiting for my back to start hurting and I am able to focus on playing. I have attended several concerts since treatment began and the pain is gone. It is a great feeling to be able to stay up and active for extended periods of time. And even in my everyday life of being at work in the office. I don't have those afternoons where I sit and have to work in pain anymore.

The treatment I have received not only has been a physical adjustment but a mental adjustment as well. I have learned so much about the proper way in which the human body works and what it needs to function at its highest level. For example, there have been adjustments I have been able to make in my personal life to sit and stand in a way that will benefit my spine and keep me from feeling pain. I have learned so much in diet and nutrition. My diet now versus where I was when I first showed up has seen a remarkable change.

Mark R.