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Mark G.


Vision Problems, Multiple Sclerosis

Hi, my name is Mark and I have an amazing story about the problems that I have been living with for the last 10 years.  I have seen several neurologists over this period of time for problems with my vision.  I’ve had a handful of diagnosis, one of them being M.S.  On top of vision problems my body is in rough shape. Lower back surgery, neck injury due to whiplash and the list goes on and on.  I’ve taken medication for the M.S., and every pill you could think of for the pain.  Every avenue that I have taken to help has failed.

My wife just recently discovered Dr. Roth here in our own town.  She made an appointment for me to see him and I told her that I wouldn’t go because it’s a waste of time.  I didn’t think a chiropractor would be of any help. 

I was VERY WRONG.  I met Dr. Roth and we talked for a while and he explained to me about the misconceptions of chiropractic and explained to me how he could help.  After having what seemed like a complete skeletal x-ray, I was shown by Dr. Roth what I looked like on the inside.  I almost got sick when I saw how bad I was compared to a healthy spine.  I had no idea.

From the very first adjustment my life has totally changed.  Instantly, my vision was the first thing that changed.  For the first time in a long time I could see clear again.  I now also can turn my head completely and my neck pain and stiffness is going away.  I am currently seeing Dr. Roth to continue his plan to correct my spine.  Finally, after all these years I caught a break by discovering Dr. Roth.  He changed my LIFE.

-Mark G.