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Krystyna O.


Chronic Neck Pain, Blurry Vision

I’ve been working in the dental field for over 20 years. My job requirement was to repeatedly bend my neck to one side, so I could see in the patient’s mouth. I never had any health problems or neck problems until about a year ago. Since I am a great believer in naturopathic medicine, I decided to see a chiropractor. I went to see this one chiropractor who believed that my neck problems were caused by a stress and tension in my back. After receiving few treatments on my back, there wasn’t much improvement, so I stopped going there. After few more months my neck pain was so severe that I decided to search for another chiropractor and luckily Dr. Aresco recommended Dr. Roth’s care.

When I went to see Dr. Roth, from day one I could see a huge difference in the quality of treatment and the technology he was using. He explained to me the cause of my neck pain and the entire process of treatments that I would be receiving. It truly helped with understanding the treatment process and the importance of keeping my appointments, especially during the first few months.

Going into my first treatment I have to say I was very nervous and precautious, knowing how delicate the neck is. To my surprise the treatments were completely painless and went by smoothly. All thanks to Dr. Roth’s very gentle and professional care. Every adjustment that I have received made me feel a lot better and let me be pain free for a longer extended time, but the low degree pain would eventually come back.

My last treatment was about a month ago, just before the Holidays. I received the treatment and was pain free as usual, but thinking that the low degree pain would come back, just like it did in the past.

To my surprise I was pain free for the Holidays and still pain free to this day.

Recently I talked to Dr. Roth on the phone. I had to tell him how great I was feeling. I also was curious if he did anything differently. Dr. Roth was very happy to hear that, and told me that he adjusted a different disk in my neck. He noticed that my neck problem was also related to a knee injury that I suffered from an accident 10 years ago. I was amazed!

I also have to mention that after my first treatment I have noticed that my vision was less blurry.  I haven’t seen my eye doctor yet, but I know that if I now forget my reading glasses, it’s no big deal anymore.  It’s definitely better and clearer.

I have had nothing but a positive healing experience dealing with Dr. Roth. I feel very lucky that I was referred to his office. I’m very appreciative of his professional knowledge and care. I highly recommend him to anyone with neck and back pain.

Krystyna O., Team Leader Dental