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Dr. Justin Roth

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Kristen W.


Numbness on Right Side of Face, Tingling in Arms and Legs

It is with gratitude and confidence in Dr. Roth that I write this testimonial for he was able to assist my body in rebalancing its health and well-being without drugs or medical intervention.

Shortly after becoming a new mother, exclusively breastfeeding, and co-sleeping, I began to suffer from slight numbness in the right side of my face as well as tingling in my arms and legs.  I had numerous suggested diagnoses such as “maybe Multiple Sclerosis” or even “a slight stroke.”  One can only imagine the kind of stress, worry, and fear that would arise from such suggested conclusions.

I decided to see Dr. Roth after Dr. Ann Aresco recommended him to me.  Dr. Roth gave me a profession examination, took proper x-rays, and found that the upper cervical vertebras in my neck were not properly aligned.  He then explained in very understandable language what could be causing my symptoms and came up with a plan for the realignment of the vertebras.

After only one or two adjustments with Dr. Roth, my symptoms completely resolved and have not returned since. The results were astounding!

Dr. Roth is an amazing doctor on many different levels.  His expertise in his field along with his sincere desire to assist others in healing without drugs makes him one of a kind.  I would highly recommend anyone dealing with discomfort in the physical body to see Dr. Roth.  It may heal your life as well.

-Kristen W.