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Keri M.


Peripheral Neuropathy Causing Pain and Extreme Loss of Motor Control in the Right Arm and Hand


I have to say that due to the help of Dr. Justin Roth I am able to live a much more functional and productive life.

It started with difficulty lifting my right arm and also my ability to be able to pick up things.  It got to the point where I almost dropped a coffee pot out of my right hand.  At that point I knew it was serious.  Even worse was that my gardening season, which involves a tremendous amount of lifting, was coming up.

I had been to chiropractors previously but I had put that type of care on hold because the treatment I was getting wasn’t helping.  I was willing to try chiropractic care again but I needed to be seen by a doctor who would listen more closely to my needs.  I started seeing Dr. Roth because he specialized in the neck and shoulder injuries.  He heard what I had to say, allowed me time to explain, asked me many detailed questions, and followed up treatment with phone calls to make sure I was okay. 

He developed a treatment program for me and today I am able to continue with my gardening business as if the pain never existed.  I couldn’t be more grateful to Dr. Roth for allowing me to move again. 

Yours gratefully,

Keri M.