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Kendall E.



I’ve been struggling with lower back pain for 12-13 years.  During that time I’ve seen 5 different chiropractors.  They all had one thing in common, they all treated the painful area, not trying to discover the origin of the problem.  When I came to Dr. Roth, I was suffering from the same painful lower back pain.  It was painful to bend over, put on socks and tie my shoes.  I couldn’t sit or stand for more than 30 minutes at a time. 

When I met Dr. Roth on a Friday afternoon, he sent me to get x-rays to determine the cause of the problem.  He wasn’t able to help me that day which was frustrating.  I just wanted him to adjust my back to lessen the pain as all of my previous chiropractors did.  I came back the following week and he reviewed the x-rays and explained how he was going to treat me.  To my surprise, my problem area wasn’t in my lower back, it was in my neck. 

After a few visits, scans and adjustments, my pain was very tolerable.  It was amazing to me that adjusting my neck would cause my back pain to go away.  I also had weekly headaches before seeing Dr. Roth, but they’ve all but stopped.  I learned that I won’t be adjusted on every visit, and that not getting an adjustment is a good thing and my body is healing things on its own.  I am so glad I came to Dr. Roth for my back pain.  I’ve been telling my story to friends and family. 

Kendall E.