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Keith B.


Loss of Hearing, Migraine Headaches, Plantar Fasciitis, Disturbance in Skin Sensation

I was referred to Dr. Justin Roth by my primary care physician. I had been having trouble with plantar fasciitis in my right heel. I was an avid runner and found myself unable to get past this injury. I had seen the podiatrist and was given 4 cortisone shots with little to no long term relief; weeks of physical therapy did little to alleviate the pain I encountered. Long story short, I had run out of options.

I was not very optimistic that chiropractic visits would get my heel condition back on track. I looked at it more as to rule out spinal alignment issues as a source of the heel pain I encountered daily. I did have a back injury 25 years ago, requiring lower laminectomy procedure. Prior to that surgery I had chiropractic treatments but the results were limited.

After the first adjustment Dr. Roth did (atlas vertebrae) I experience some unexpected results. First, I used to get debilitating sinus headaches (migraine) when seasons changed. I no longer have such sinus pain when weather is changing. Secondly, I have more feeling in the entire left side of my body. This was the side most impacted by my back injury so long ago. Lastly, and probably the most impressive was that my hearing improved. I could actually hear better than ever before. It is almost as though the parts of my body started working in harmony.

There is one other important aspect that I learned from my experience under the care of Dr. Roth. I attended an informational presentation that he gives. In it, there is valuable information of how Chiropractic Care is part of a collection of natural balanced healing discipline(s). If you follow the recommendations you will find ways to help your body heal itself.

Lately, my adjustments have been lasting and I see Dr. Roth for wellness visits. And, I no longer have heel pain.

-Keith B.