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Kathryn F.

Low Back Pain

roth_testi_1.jpgAfter injuring my lower back, I couldn't take care of myself so I sought help from my physician. My physician sent me to physical therapy which only made it feel worse. I tried acupuncture which pretty much hurt my wallet more than anything. Life as I knew it stopped. I needed help bathing, getting dressed, climbing stairs, driving, I couldn't even lower myself to sit on a toilet; a humbling experience to say the least! The pain became so intense I was admitted to the hospital for almost two weeks. My Dr. wanted to send me to a rehab clinic to learn "pain management." Their goal was to teach me how to manage the pain using prescription medications. The worst part was that none of the Dr.'s could explain to me why I was in so much pain or steps on how to heal it. That is, until I saw Dr. Roth. Dr. Roth sent me to have specialized X-rays taken and I returned a week later to have a consultation. He said he had good news and bad news. Good news was he could show me on the X-ray why I was in so much pain. The bad news was that it was going to take 3 visits a week for 3 months. I literally broke down in his office. Tears of joy and relief came bursting out. After months of agony and searching for answers I was finally seeing a light at the end of the tunnel. Within 2 weeks of seeing Dr. Roth I was able to go back to work. Life slowly started moving forward as the pain receded. Within 3 weeks I stopped taking prescription pain pills and otc NSAIDs. I am on my feet all day as a Dental Assistant, I also teach yoga and I love to hike and exercise whenever possible. Thank you for taking the time to find out the source of pain and for helping me heal.  My family thanks you. My yoga students thank you. My coworkers thank you. Even my dogs thank you. My quality of life has improved 100%. 

Kathryn F.