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Karen M.


Frozen Shoulder, Chronic Headaches, and Hip Pain

I have always thought about Chiropractic care for my chronic hip pain and headaches. I never quite got there until I had an accident in July 2009 and broke the head of my humerus (shoulder fracture) in 2 places from a bad fall.

I had been seeing Jill Massi upstairs in Massage Energy for about a year. She has been wonderful and helped provide a lot of relief from my chronic hip pain. The hip pain kept returning and she really felt it was time for me to see a chiropractor. She would get my hip in alignment but it just would not hold for any long period of time and the pain would return.

So I had many discussions regarding seeing a Chiropractor, but never made it my priority until September 09 when I was still in excruciating pain from the shoulder fracture. I now had what they called a frozen shoulder, which can occur as a complication from the fracture. You end with very limited motion and pain from scar tissue due to the large amounts of inflammation from the fracture.  I could not sleep well at night, I would roll onto that shoulder and the pain would wake me up. I continually iced and took Motrin for the pain. It was difficult to do my activities of daily life, like blow-drying my hair, getting dressed, and any household chore that required me reaching over my head. I knew it was time to get help! I was going for massage and physical therapy, and under the care of an orthopedic surgeon, but that did not seem enough.

I then started seeing Dr. Roth. I initially came in 3 times a week and have been very diligent about that, I then went down to 2 times a week, then one, and finally I am coming in every 2 weeks.  In December my orthopedic surgeon told me he wanted to release the adhesions (scar tissue) in my shoulder that was limiting my motion. This is a huge surgery with many risks. I came in for my appointment just about in tears the same day and Dr. Roth suggested I seek another opinion. I did and the second opinion surgeon told me to wait it out and continue with what I am doing because I was seeing improvement from the couple of months I was getting chiropractic care. 

It is now May 2010 and I have seen great improvement in my shoulder mobility over the months. Dr. Roth has been doing shoulder adjustments and cervical neck adjustments on me, which have loosened up the scar tissue and improved the nerve signals from my spinal cord to my shoulder, therefore increasing my mobility. It is amazing for me to see the progress. I can blow dry my hair, dressing is not such a challenge anymore, and can reach over my head finally! I am shoulder pain free, which really started happening toward the beginning of the year. Dr. Roth has helped give me my life back!

Not only has my shoulder mobility and pain improved but so did that nagging chronic hip pain I mentioned. I also suffered from chronic headaches. I would take Motrin 400mg one to two times at least every other day for years. I never realized I was living with such chronic pain daily until it went away! I know that sounds crazy but it just became my way of life.  I learned to just accept the pain. I can say I have not taken Motrin now since Dr. Roth has been doing my cervical spinal alignments. The hip alignments have caused my hip pain to disappear! I can exercise again without any pain and when I sit for prolonged periods of time I don’t get up with hip pain anymore. I look at the hip pain and headache relief as a bonus to my Chiropractic Care, since that is not why I even started going!

It really amazes me how subluxations can cause such a disruption in your overall health!  As my neck alignment started getting better so did my shoulder pain and mobility. I could see the progression. I am really a believer now in Chiropractic care. The Chiropractic care I am receiving, my own exercising and determination to get better, and the massage therapy has all made a great impact in were I am today.

I am now an advocate of Chiropractic Care and my only regret is that I did not start this treatment earlier in my life!

Karen M.