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Upper Cervical Chiropractor
Dr. Justin Roth

355 New Britain Road

Kensington, CT 06037

P: (860) 505-7278
F: (860) 505-8145

Jonathan S.



I was getting headaches constantly for about a week and couldn’t figure out why.  So I went to Dr. Aresco who recommended Dr. Justin Roth.  I figured that it couldn’t hurt since nothing else was working.  And sure enough he was able to help.  The first time he adjusted me I felt instant results.  All the pressure around my head was gone and I was able to get back to work without any headaches. 

From being his patient you learn a great deal about the nerves and spine; how they control your whole body.  Overall, it has been a great experience.  Everybody there is extremely nice and helpful.  I would recommend them to anyone. 

Jonathan S.