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Jeff D.


Multiple Sclerosis

I heard about your chiropractic office through Susan Tukey.  I have been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis for 18 years and she had told me that a doctor that performed an upper cervical technique could possibly help with my condition.  I have been to other chiropractors in the past and didn’t understand the difference between the treatment I had already received and upper cervical specific care.  I had watched a video that Susan had sent to me on Montel Williams and how he got help with his Multiple Sclerosis by an upper cervical procedure.  At that point I understood how it was different. 

The type of multiple sclerosis I have is called secondary progressive. This means that it tends to get worse over time.  For the past 2 years my balance and pain in my feet have been so bad that I needed a cane and a walker to help me walk and prevent from me from falling.  I also had numbness from the knees down and had a lot of shaking.  I do see a neurologist Dr. Peter Wade for my multiple sclerosis as well as a primary care doctor.  I see a urologist for urinary problems and also sexual dysfunction issues.  I have been out of work for two and half years.  I used to fall a lot but since I’ve been under Dr. Justin Roth’s care, I have been walking without a cane or walker and my pain levels are so much lower than before.  I also had a ringing tone in my left ear for 10 years that surprisingly went away after I got my atlas bone re-aligned. 

I highly recommend Dr. Justin Roth not only for his expertise but he has a terrific bedside manner and makes you feel at ease and comfortable at all times.  There should be more caring medical and/or chiropractic doctors in this world.  He certainly makes dealing with MS much easier than before.  I recommend Dr. Justin Roth and have the highest praise for him.  Life can be more manageable with the help of chiropractic care. 

Jeff D.