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Janice P.


Chronic Pain and Swelling

Dr. Justin Roth,

I just wanted to thank you, Dr. Roth and let you know how grateful I am for the care and adjustments which have helped to unlock my neck.  I could not move my neck a full range from left to right and I could not move my head to my left shoulder or to my right shoulder.  I have been suffering for many years with pain, sick all the time and swelling on the right side of my body after several accidents that I have had in the past.  I have had x-rays of my spinal column and no doctor noticed that my atlas bone was out of position. 

I thought some of my problems were due to muscle issues, I have even been told I had fibromyalgia.  I was dealing with many other issues as well both structural (my pelvic was off) and with chronic lyme disease for sixteen years, which I just got the new last year.  I didn’t know what direction to turn.  I was going to Kyle Carso which does cranial sacral work.  He suggested that I got to you, Dr. Roth.  He noticed there was an issue in my neck and there was restriction.  You with Kyle have brought me to a point in my recovery that now I know there is hope.  You spent time explaining in detail what you did and showed me examples of other patients.  Telling me what your goals were in my recovery and made me feel important.  You’ve made me realize that there are good doctors out there that care, taking the time to help there patients understand what is wrong and what they needed to do to get well. 

After I got the x-rays and got the news that my atlas bone was off.  You were patient and thorough with your explanations and what you wanted to accomplish with me, taking the extra time to show me my situation.  I followed all your directions and it has paid off.  I feel so fortunate Dr. Roth that I have met you.  Words can’t explain my gratitude to you, thank you again.  God bless you, I wish there were more doctors like you.

Janice P.

Thursday, February 24, 2011