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Upper Cervical Chiropractor
Dr. Justin Roth

355 New Britain Road

Kensington, CT 06037

P: (860) 505-7278
F: (860) 505-8145

Jackie S.


Chronic Pain, Increasing Headaches, Vision Loss, Knee and Ankle Pain

testi_jackie_s.pngIf you're looking for a chiropractor, I highly recommend Dr. Justin Roth.

I met Dr. Roth in January 2013 and began treatment shortly after. Long story short, he straightened out my spine, from c1 on down, and got me back on my feet, doing what I love. Running. Without pain. Something my Orthopedist told me years ago I'd never do again. Needless to say, I'm beyond thankful for Dr. Roth and those who work with him in his office.

Jackie S.