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Geoff B.


Lower Back Pain

I initially visited a chiropractor to fix for some lower back pain that I had been experiencing for a few weeks prior.  Within a few weeks of my initial examination; I began regular treatment visits, and I began to notice a significant reduction in my lower back pain.  I have had other doctor’s mention that medication would be the best solution, or if it got worse, surgery.  But with some basic chiropractic adjustments, I had no need to take any form of medicine.  Within 2 months, the pain was all gone, and to-date, it has not returned.

Even with just those minor adjustments, not only did my pain go away, but my posture showed noticeable improvement and I just felt more relaxed and at ease.  When I first went, I was unaware of exactly what chiropractic care was and what it entailed.  They offered basic education on the background and so I could simply understand how they could relieve pain without an invasive approach.

I would recommend chiropractic treatment to everyone.  I definitely will be continuing my monthly appointments to ensure that I maintain my health and well being.

Geoff B.