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Dr. Veera Gupta


Car Accident

Do you see the picture above? That was my car… that was my car right after I got rear- ended by a personal injury attorney going 100 miles an hour in a minivan. I literally had the curve knocked out of my spine.  It was like the beginning of a bad joke… PI attorney hits a chiropractor…     

So, now you know what I do for a living- I’m a chiropractor.  I became one after I started to pass out and no one could figure out what was wrong with me- not the neurologist, not the MD’s… no one.  A chiropractor was the only one who was able to help me. Well, that was a number of years ago now and the initial amazement of what chiropractic could do had started to wear off.  I took it for granted that I was always healthy, head-ache free, and pain free.  And then it hit me… literally…this minivan came out of no where and slammed me from behind.

I had a decent sized practice and patients of my own to take care of.  Who was going to take care of me? I went to a number of local chiropractors and they did a good job but something still just wasn’t right.  My adjustments weren’t staying in place and I was very, very irritable.  In fact, I would get angry for no reason and start screaming at the people closest to me.  I couldn’t see half of my patients anymore because of the pain I myself was in…and I was scared.

It was then that I heard a familiar and friendly voice call me on the phone… Dr. Justin Roth. For the first time since my accident, I smiled.   He is one of my long time colleuges and closest friends. He’s one of those gentlemen that genuinely care about people and who always has something positive and insightful to contribute.   He can see the good in everyone and always has a kind word to say; I’ve even seen him display this behavior on people I think are mean and crotchety. He also happens to be one of the best chiropractors I know. He practices a technique that takes years and years to master.

I didn’t know what else to do so I went to see him.  The amazing thing about Dr. Roth is that he gave me hope when I didn’t have any.  I drove four hours each way to get an adjustment from Dr. Roth.  He did an exam, looked at my xrays, and then adjusted my spine with a very unique technique called upper cervical.  The adjustment didn’t hurt, it actually felt good. I FINALLY GOT LASTING RELIEF!

It’s strange how life is, because I didn’t know when I would see Dr. Roth again after we graduated.  Now, I was driving multiple times to see him and get adjusted.  It’s not like New Jersey is short of chiropractors- there are eighteen within a five mile radius of my office.  However, Dr. Roth sure does have a unique talent and I am so glad that we kept in touch.

Dr. Veera Gupta