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Donna M. C.


Multiple Sclerosis

In 1984 I had a lower back injury while in the service.   The military did a procedure that is no longer approved by the AMA.  (It doesn’t work & caused too many serious complications).

I was diagnosed Multiple Sclerosis in 1988.  I still was active, athletic, had a horse, and became a dog trainer/obedience instructor.  I hiked/walked miles throughout forests in New England.

In 2000 my arches literally popped and I stand on the inside of my ankles.  Doctors put me in afo’s on both legs. I began using a cane.  Consequently, since I couldn’t feel the ground, I had many falls.  One of the worse was falling backwards down a flight of stairs.  I don’t wear the afo’s anymore. I had surgery to rebuild my left foot, but not my right.  Use crutches, wheelchair, & walker now.

In 2003 a doctor found I have Borrellia burgderfi (Lyme Disease), Bartonella, & Babesios…all diseases transmitted by black legged ticks.

No matter what the causes to my problems are, chiropractic care had been a way to cope & tolerate the pain in my back, and legs.  I’ve seen different chiropractors throughout without sustainable improvements.  I lived on muscle relaxants, even had prescription for Vicoden 3X a day, Neurotin, etc.  Pain in my feet along with the back was my constant companion.

Since seeing Dr. Justin Roth, learning about Upper Cervical Care Chiropractic Treatment, I understand why I didn’t get lasting relief from any treatments…my “master cylinder” was torqued.

Looking back over my lifetime I could now understand how I could have damaged the atlas/axis connection.  I was adventurously clumsy.  I’ve had concussions, falls, twists plus the neuro-muscular diseases (MS, Lyme & Bartonella).  I even had trauma at birth...the umbilical cord was wrapped twice around my neck, I was a month premature.

At the first adjustment from Dr. Roth, I was nervous…it was so different to kneel instead of lying on a table.  As he adjusted me I felt a sensation of water or air rushing through my body.  It was wonderful, light freeing sensation.  I was surprised how the pain in my feet dissipated.  As per his rules, I hadn’t taken any pain nor muscle relaxants for a few days prior to that appointment.

My feet didn’t hurt and that night I stood in the shower for the first time in 6 years. Wow!!!

Since being under Dr. Roth’s care, I have only taking Vicoden twice in 7 months.  I just don’t have enough pain to justify taking it.  I have taken muscle relaxants, but not as habitual as prior to upper cervical care.

I found it odd that unlike the chiropractic treatments I was accustom to, Dr. Roth does not adjust you each visit.  He scans your neck & only if that shows an adjustment is necessary, then he adjusts.  I’ve seen him 50 times and only needed 17 adjustments.  So far my scans are clear & the last adjustment is holding.

Dr. Justin Roth is my hero.  He has been instrumental in guiding my healing, referring other professionals that can compliment my care.

Dr. Roth is a blessing to all of his patients.  His enthusiasm for healing is contagious and kept me in a positive, forward moving mind frame, in my journey to health. 

Donna M. C. – Wethersfield, Connecticut, USA