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Donna G.


High Blood Pressure, Restless Leg Syndrome, Numbness in Left Shin, Neck and Back Pain

DonnaG.jpgI’ve been having a lot of issues with my back for about 6 months now.  I ruptured a disc in my low back and was incapacitated for weeks that got better but never 100%.  I was also starting to get neck and shoulder pain and had been going to my massage therapist for it.  I got better but she said that there wasn’t much more she could do for it and I should see Dr. Roth.  I was very skeptical but she said that all her clients were very happy with him and that I would be fine. 

When I started seeing Dr. Roth I felt very comfortable and safe so I decided to go forward with the treatment.  After my first adjustment not only was my back and neck better but my blood pressure went back to normal.  I check it on a regular basis and was very surprised that it went down with the treatment.  I was on blood pressure medication for a year prior to receiving my adjustment and my blood pressure has stayed consistently low since my first treatment.  I have now been off my blood pressure medication for 3 months now. 

Not only that but I had restless leg syndrome for 35 years and it was progressively getting worse with age.  I was told by my medical doctor that there was nothing that they could do for it.  Now I am excited to say that it is gone. 

Over the years I had also lost the sensation in my left shin and that has seemed to improve as well.  I can move my neck now and feel great so I am happy that I made the decision to come.   I am now a believer and will continue to be a patient for life for maintenance. 

 Donna G.