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Diana S.


Migraines and Neck Pain

I was referred to Dr. Roth, a Cervical Specialist Chiropractor after a riding accident in February 2010.  I had a mild concussion and had injured my neck pretty severely. I had been going to my regular chiropractor for five weeks after the accident and I was not getting any better.   Luckily my chiropractor realized it must be my cervical spine and she referred me to Dr. Roth.  Before treating me, Dr. Roth ordered x-rays of my neck that showed my C-1 vertebrae, also known as the Atlas vertebrae was shifted out of alignment.  It was sitting at an angle of 31 degrees, where it should have been 8-10 degrees.   This had been causing severe migraine headaches that were keeping me out of work for four days at a time, severe neck pain, and an inability to sleep due to the discomfort.  I was miserable and getting pretty depressed from dealing with all the pain.

Once Dr. Roth was able to review the x-rays and nerve scans he was able to do an adjustment.  That very evening I was able to finally move my neck without pain and I slept like a baby.  I have been in treatment with Dr. Roth for over a month now I have barely had any headaches.  I have not missed a day of work and I have been sleeping almost the entire night through every night. 

Before coming to Dr. Roth I was unaware of the specialty of cervical adjustment and how important it is for certain injuries.  I had been under the care of my other chiropractor for over ten years and had never heard of a cervical chiropractor.  Had I not been referred to Dr. Roth I would have lost countless days at work, been in constant pain and been spending money on treatments that wouldn’t have helped me.

Since being in the care of Dr. Roth I have done research on all the different diseases that can be caused from having your cervical vertebrae out of alignment.  It has been an eye-opening experience for sure.  I am most impressed with how fibromyalgia and MS can be treated through non-invasive chiropractic care instead of toxic prescription drugs and unnecessary surgeries.  I wish more people would realize that so many health problems we have can be healed through chiropractic care and lifestyle changes. 

I look forward to continuing my treatment with Dr. Roth knowing that I am now on the road to recovery and can see a light at the end of the tunnel.  My mood has completely changed since my neck has been getting better and my body has been able to start healing itself. 

Diana S.