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Dave G.


Chronic Neck, Lower Back and Shoulder Pain

I started treatment with Dr. Roth during the end of June, 2009.  I initially came into the office for a sudden onset of lower back pain, but also had problems with pre-existing neck, back and shoulder pain stemming from a motor vehicle accident.  I was treated by another local chiropractor for almost two years, three times a week, and never saw any long term improvement.  I would feel better for a short while after the treatment, but fell back to feeling the same pain shortly thereafter.  In addition, my job requires me to carry 25 pounds of gear every day and the work conditions are less than ergonomically correct. 

Dr. Roth took x-rays to see how my spine looked and found all sorts of issues, including problems with my very top vertebrae, mid and low back.  Dr. Roth has used many techniques to pinpoint and treat my problems and they have greatly improved.  Since my treatment began, my neck pain is dramatically better.  Since the improvement of my neck, other issues have been falling into place.  The muscle tension in my shoulders is decreased and has been virtually eliminated.  Frequently I would have days where I could not raise my arms above my shoulders and now that is rarely a problem.  My lower back pain is far less frequent and more manageable.  We have been able to adapt my treatment to my progress and I continue to improve. 

I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Roth.  I highly recommend his services to anyone. 

Dave G.