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Cynthia N.


Chronic Migraine Headaches

The naturopathic physician whom I had started seeing two weeks prior referred me to Dr. Justin Roth in September.  I went to her for migraine headaches that were increasing in number and intensity.  I had been having problems with them for a few years but I was now getting them weekly and they would last for sometimes a few days and nothing seemed to help.  These headaches were affecting my quality of life and I was starting to think I would just have to live with them.  I had been to see my regular APRN, a neurologist, chiropractor and ENT specialist, and had CT scans, MRI, and blood work and no one could figure out why I was getting them. 

The naturopathic doctor told me she wanted me to see Dr. Roth and I explained to her that I already see a chiropractor.  She explained that he was a specific chiropractor treating the upper cervical area.  After only a few adjustments, I began to notice a difference and now have had maybe one or two headaches in the past six months and the intensity is not anywhere as bad as before.  I am very pleased that I was referred here but find it annoying that more physicians don’t know how this can help or just don’t refer their patients.  I on the other hand, tell everyone about my experience. 

Cynthia N.