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Conor H.

Neck Pain, Low Back Pain, Concussions, Sleep Insomnia


First off, I’m rather young; only 22 years I’ve been on this planet, and for 16 of them I’ve been playing hockey. After giving and receiving countless body checks and concussions, my entire body has evidently taken a beating. My sore muscles and bruises healed quickly over time, but my neck and back have not. There would be days where the discomfort wouldn’t bother me all that much. I was used to it as the rest of my body aches and pains seemed to balance it out. But there were others where I stayed home from school, lying in bed all day just because moving the slightest was pure agony. No amount of Advil, muscle relaxers, or icyhot made it tolerable. I was only a teenager at the time, but I crept like an old man.

My mother had been seeing Dr. Roth for some time as she has had back and neck pain for most of her later years. She suggested I go see him, and after some hesitation, I probably made the best decision for my health to this day. I went to my first consultation and Dr. Roth showed me exactly why I felt the pain I did. After seeing Dr. Roth 3 days a week and 3 months later, I felt like a new person. Not only did my daily pains vanish, but I slept much better at night, felt clear headed, and even felt my immune system improved! (I would suffer from the common cold what seemed like once a month).

I continued to see Dr. Roth on and off for the next year or so, maintaining my alignment and feeling great. I then went off to college in Vermont, and ultimately transferred out to school in California, where I obviously didn’t have the privilege of seeing Dr. Roth for my monthly check-ups. I managed to pull my back out again, this time from lifting something much too heavy, and doing so the wrong way (should have used my legs and core, whoops!) At this time, I wasn’t battling my usual hockey injuries; however my daily pain and nightly insomnia were worse than when I was on the ice. I eventually returned to Connecticut where I was fortunate enough to have Dr. Roth waiting for me. After another re-exam, and some newly diagnosed subluxations, I’ve hopped back on the path to recovery yet again. Within just these past few months, I feel better than ever: I don’t have to constantly get up to stretch or crack my neck at the office, I’m back at the gym and lifting weights daily, and feel well rested each morning after not waking up 3 times a night.

My quality of life has undoubtedly improved. Thank you Dr. Roth for making me feel my age again!

Conor H.