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Cinda L.


Chronic Asthma/Bronchitis, Persistent Fatigue and Immune Suppression

I have been under conventional chiropractic care for the past 6 months to address various spinal subluxations and health complaints the most prevalent being chronic asthma/bronchitis, persistent fatigue, and an overall suppressed immune system. Prior to being treated by Dr. Roth I felt that my health improvements have disappointingly reached a plateau under the care of my other health care providers which include a chiropractor, primary care and pulmonary physicians, and an endocrinologist. I was often sick, exhausted, and prone to frequent bouts with bronchitis/asthma flare-ups that would take weeks and sometimes months to recover from. Such flare-ups greatly impeded my active lifestyle and were depressing.

Out of concern a close friend of mine referred me to Dr. Justin Roth. Her glowing assessment of Dr. Roth’s capability and successes with a wide range of patients immediately motivated me to schedule an appointment with him.

After just one month of treatment in Dr. Roth’s care, I not only felt my asthma improving but the dreadful and persistent fluid in my airway was finally alleviated. During my most recent onset of bronchitis, I had an appointment with Dr. Roth for an adjustment. Typically, with the onset of bronchitis I am sick for 4 to 6 weeks and recovery is slow and painful. Yet after my adjustment I was breathing much easier and was stunned by the improvement. With a subsequent adjustment by Dr. Roth I felt further improvement and no longer worry about losing weeks of my time nursing my health. My bronchitis lasted under a week and although I still have a minor cough, I feel peppy and energetic too. I have never recovered as quickly or in such a spectacular manner before.

My only regret is not finding Dr. Roth sooner!

Respectfully submitted,

Cinda L.