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8 Months of Constant Nerve Pain in the Neck and Down the Right Arm, Frozen Shoulder
I have always been a advocate of chiropractic care and when I experienced a case of whiplash in September, 2010, I immediately went to the chiropractor I had been seeing for several years to help sort out the tight, uncomfortable muscles and the limited range of motion in my left arm. 
Dr Tony was very intrigued at the symptoms I was experiencing and suggested that I have x-rays taken of my neck to rule out any other issues that may be going on.  Traditional x-rays determined that there was some minor compression in my C5-C6 discs, but for the most part, the results of the exam were “benign”.  Traction of my neck, and traditional chiropractic adjustment relieved the symptoms for only a short period of time, however, I continued to experience limited range of motion in my left shoulder and arm while nerve pain began to generate from the right side of my neck down into my right shoulder and arm.
In the early part of October, 2010, it was recommended that I see an orthopedic doctor (by a family member practicing in the traditional medical arena), to help assess the symptoms and find solutions to this “neck/shoulder/arm” thing. The orthopedic doctor identified an “arthritic shoulder” and stated that he could replace it, but in the mean time physical therapy could help address the “frozen shoulder”.  He did not address the nerve pain that I was experiencing but did identify that it was coming from my neck and NOT my shoulder.
I went to physical therapy sessions 3x’s a week for 2 weeks, and found that the pain had increased in my left arm and that the nerve pain in my neck generating down my right arm was increasing as well.  Physical therapy stopped and a trip to a Neurologist, in December became my new venture.  Nerve conduction tests were then administered in both my arms.  A neck MRI was ordered and revealed “no impingement or obstruction, no herniated disc or tumor was present.”  Results: “Benign”.  The neurologist was a bit surprised but suggested a muscle relaxer, (injection to reduce spasms and oral to reduce the pain).  Mild pain pills were prescribed to reduce the discomfort as well as inflammation.  I’m not a pill taker, so reluctantly; I succumbed to the daily routine of taking prescribed medication just to function. Blow drying my hair, dressing, and general everyday functioning was a challenge.  Because I was so uncomfortable, sleeping was also disrupted.  I was exhausted, in pain and still I did not have any answers and nothing was helping.
In May, 2011, a friend told me about Dr Justin Roth and how he had basically “cured” her of her chronic and very debilitating migraines.  She recommended that I contact him to see if he could help with my neck/shoulder/arm issues.  I didn’t hesitate.  I phoned the office and was immediately scheduled for the “Roth Series” of x-rays of my cervical spine. 
These x-rays were different from the traditional cervical spine x-rays that were administered initially, so I knew that this approach would help to identify the “cause”.  Dr Roth immediately identified the problem.  My C1 & C2 (Atlas & Axis) cervical discs were out of alignment causing disruption in the normal neurological process.  FINALLY, an answer, this made sense. 
Dr Roth was extremely empathic to my process and explained in detail the mechanics of the cervical spine. He helped me to understand how everything is connected and the importance of the positioning of the Atlas and the Axis and their role in the “everyday functioning” of the body.  I intuitively knew that my body was in a traumatized state, but was at a loss as to how I could help it to resume its natural balance.
The nerve pain that I was experiencing for 8 months was gone after 1 adjustment with Dr Roth.  It was “magic.”  I continued to see him 3 times a week to monitor my adjustments and then to 2 times a week and then to once a week to monitor how my adjustments are “holding”.   I continue to progress in my healing.  Due to the extended period of time that my Atlas & Axis were out of alignment, (due to improper diagnosis) nerve disruption and muscle atrophy occurred causing me to continue to struggle with “everyday movement in both my shoulders.  Dr Roth has referred me to an exercise physiologist who is helping to strengthen my muscles in my shoulders and arms and every day a little progress is made.  I am on the path to regaining my very active lifestyle. 
This entire experience has been very humbling, it has taught me many things. I have also learned that traditional medical practitioners, although well intended, may not have all the answers.  I still struggle to “blow dry” my hair, however, I am sleeping through the night, I no longer have to rely on pain medication to get me through the day, and I know that soon, I will be swinging a golf club, practicing yoga, and focusing on life, not pain. Dr (Magic) Roth has been a Blessing and I will forever be grateful.
August 2011