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Dr. Justin Roth

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Ashley P.


Ashley P.

Chronic Migraine Headaches

I must admit I was very anxious going to a chiropractor having never been to one before. My memories of accompanying my mom when I was younger never left me feeling warm and fuzzy. I knew I had scoliosis and was getting migraine headaches 3-4 times a week. It became the norm to deal with living with these headaches. What I didn't realize is with proper care I could feel better and not have to suffer. I had a 15 degree scoliosis, and now after treatments am no longer classified as having scoliosis! That's amazing. I rarely get migraines anymore either. I really wish I had discovered Dr. Roth and upper cervical care sooner. I like the technique that he uses and because he is very informative when he explains things you end up learning a lot. Most importantly he really cares about his patients, wants to see them get better, and reach their optimum health. If you are hesitant about chiropractor care like myself, you have no need to worry you are in the right place with Dr. Roth.