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Alyssa L.



Before I became a patient of Dr. Roth, I had frequent migraines accompanied by strange symptoms such as vomiting, difficulty thinking of common words like my own name, numbness in one arm, spotty or tunnel vision, and feeling panicky. Throughout high school and my first years of college I tried changing my diet, deep breathing, getting 8 hours of sleep every night, etc. None of the treatments I tried ever helped and the symptoms were affecting my daily life. I often had to miss work, school, and social activities.

Luckily, my father referred me to Dr. Roth after hearing how Dr. Roth had helped a woman who had migraines. I was nervous about seeing a chiropractor but I was determined to try all natural options before resorting to medicine.

I made the right decision. Dr. Roth took x-rays and showed me the bones holding up my head were misaligned, putting pressure on some of the nerves near the top of my spine and causing me to have terrible posture, frequent pain, and other symptoms.

Within months my life has become totally different than it had been for several years. After Dr. Roth realigned my neck and “trained” it to maintain its natural position, my migraines decreased to only a couple each year, and with none of the additional symptoms I used to experience. Other symptoms I didn’t even know were related went away too: now I have energy to do things, feel happier, and my mind fells clear and awake instead of in a fog. Lastly, the posture I’ve been embarrassed about for years is now corrected.

I can truly say it is not overdramatic for me to share that my quality of life has greatly improved after seeing Dr. Roth. I am able to enjoy being young and healthy because of Dr. Roth’s expertise and I am immeasurably grateful for that.

-Alyssa L., age 20