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Alan G.


Carpal Tunnel


I am usually a man of few words, but excuse me while I explode. Honestly I can’t let another day go by without acknowledging the difference you made in my life. If my letter appears a bit detailed, it’s because I am hoping that you will share it with existing and future patients.

I was recommended to Dr. Roth because I was seeking a second opinion on the cause of numbness in my thumb, pointer and middle finger; as well my arms and hands were so painful I could not sleep. As a result, I could not pick up or hold items and my wife had to even button my shirts for me. As my body began to tighten and deteriorate, I experienced shooting pain in my feet when I golfed which left me with no choice, but to give up my golf membership at Wethersfield Country Club. If that wasn’t enough pain, I began to notice that my back was becoming stiff and I could not turn side to side which made it very difficult to drive.

The original doctor had quickly determined, just by hearing details of my condition, that I should have an operation for Carpal Tunnel in both wrists. Dr. Roth, on the other hand, took X-rays and said my problem came from my axis bones . . . the top 6 vertebrae. Within a few months I started noticing changes and I was truly feeling better.

Now!!!! A year and a half later:I can walk 18 holes of golf with no pain,I can swing a golf club without pain in my hands and wrists and I can actually pick up a dime off the floor and button my own shirt.

Dr. Roth . . . your expertise, knowledge and experience has been a miracle for me. You have changed my life!

Dr. Roth gave me back the quality of life I so dearly missed and took away my fear of losing my ability to age gracefully.

2016, because of Dr. Roth, will be a year of celebration for me. At 69 years old, I have rejoined the Wethersfield Country Club and the Men’s Club Thursday Golf League. I will be taking a ski trip to Aspen, Colorado to celebrate my son's birthday on the ski slopes. My wife and I will be celebrating our 42nd Wedding Anniversary in Jamaica swimming and golfing and living life without restriction. The frosting on the cake is that I will have the most wonderful summer with my grandchildren because I can move, be active and be pain free to enjoy life.

Thank you Dr. Roth!

With gratitude,

Alan G.