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Abby L.


Car Accident

I was in a car accident about 3 months ago in which I was rear-ended. The impact jerked me around quite a bit and it was only about an hour later that I began to get extremely sore in my neck, shoulders, and lower back areas. I arrived at work shortly after to find that the pain increased as the morning progressed and left a few hours later to get a check up at my local walk-in clinic.

The Doctor I saw that day had decided, after a very quick examination, that it was a simple case of whiplash and that I should “expect to be sore” for at least another week or two. I was prescribed some non-narcotic muscle relaxers and a strong version of Aleve. Not being a huge fan of medications I reluctantly took them religiously simply so I could get through a day of work. After about two weeks of pill-popping I started to realize that my symptoms were in fact getting worse and not better. I found myself taking the medications more and more for less and less relief.

Not knowing what to do, I went back to the Doctor for some advice or possibly a referral to a specialist of some sort. He again chalked my progressively worsening pain up to whiplash and told me that I was “supposed to be sore”.  At which point he prescribed me yet another, stronger, medication. It was at this point I knew that the problem was not able to be masked by medications much longer. My job and school work were suffering as well as my social life. I was now starting to get chronic headaches in addition to the pain I felt everywhere else. I wanted the problem to be fixed- not masked.

I called Carbone wondering if they could help me or at least direct me to someone who could. Dr. Roth saw me shortly after to see if I was in fact in need of chiropractic care. After many thorough exams, non-invasive tests, and some x-rays it was found that I was subluxated. It was this subluxation of my atlas vertebrae that was causing the pressure to my head and throwing my entire spine, and therefore body, out of balance.

It only took one adjustment to feel an immediate difference. It felt as if all the pressure and tension that had been put on me was literally drained from my face and body. It was nothing like I had expected and after some weeks of adjustments and seeing Dr. Roth on a regular basis I started to notice an overall improvement in my health. My headaches started to come less frequently as well as the pains that kept me from working a full shift on some occasions. I was surprised that all this was due to simply putting my body in a position to be able to heal itself. This was really key for me. There were no drugs involved, in fact I haven’t taken a medication for my injury in months now. My body is actually able to heal itself when the circumstances are right.

Chiropractic Care has been an eye opening experience for me. I hope that anyone with a similar problem would consider Chiropractic Care as opposed to medications for the rest of their lives. I am amazed with the difference and wouldn’t have ever expected to notice the difference so quickly. It is truly amazing what our bodies are capable of when we allow them to work properly.                                                                                                                                 

Abby L.